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The Cooling Power of Watermelon: Traditional Chinese Medicine Insights.

by Erika Weber, AP

Summer is the season of sunshine, beach days, and juicy watermelon!

The Cooling Power of Watermelon: Traditional Chinese Medicine Insights., Sunshine Healing Arts Acupuncture & Wellness in Atlantic Beach, FloridaBut did you know that watermelon has medicinal properties according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? Specifically, it can help generate fluids in the body, making it a great remedy for dehydration during the hot summer months.

In TCM, watermelon (or Xigua) is considered a cooling food that helps dispel heat and promote hydration. It's believed that this sweet fruit can benefit the qi and yin energy in the body, which helps to balance internal temperature and regulate bodily fluids. So, if you're feeling parched and dehydrated, reach for some juicy watermelon slices to quench your thirst and nourish your body. The high water content and natural sugars in watermelon make it a tasty and refreshing way to hydrate, especially during the scorching summer heat!

But did you know that watermelon isn't just a delicious fruit to eat?

The rind has skin benefits too! After a day at the beach, try using the rind on your skin as a natural way to hydrate and moisturize. Simply take a watermelon rind and rub it on your skin, focusing on any dry or irritated areas. The rind contains antioxidants and vitamins that help to nourish and protect the skin, while also providing a cooling and soothing sensation.

So next time you're craving some juicy watermelon, remember all the benefits it can offer beyond just a tasty treat. Whether you're looking to stay hydrated during the summer or give your skin some extra TLC, watermelon is a natural and delicious way to promote overall health and wellness.



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