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"Robin is very professional but makes you feel comfortable right from the start. She is very knowledgeable about the art of acupuncture and enjoys answering any questions you might have. My allergies when getting out of control so I decided to try acupuncture. Robin was my first choice and I'm glad she was, my allergies are almost non existent now only after a few handfuls of sessions. Not only is acupuncture medicinal it is balancing, energizing, and relaxing, however, I've been treated by other acupuncturists who were not as professional and made me feel very uncomfortable. Robin is the gal you wanna see, trust me! Thank you Robin!" -- K.M.

"I had a great experience with Robin! My husband and I were trying to conceive for over one year, with no success. We went to several fertility doctors and were told to do IVF. I decided to try acupuncture first (before injecting myself with hormones), and after a few visits and the herbs, I could tell I was more relaxed and my body was changing. With Robins help, I was able to get pregnant two months after starting treatment. This was a great accomplishment for us at two months and now we have a handsome little boy. Thank you Robin! You are amazing! " --V.C.

"I went to my first visit with quite a long laundry list of problems. Aches, pains, stress, anxiety, blood issues, weight gain. I am happy to report, after just a few sessions, the stress and anxiety vanished. A few more sessions and my blood issues are showing improvement. I believe the aches, pains and weight are interrelated and am looking forward to tackling them as well. I am more than impressed with my experience with Robin, acupuncture and the herbs that are making such a positive impact on my life. Or should I say quality of life. I have a new lease on life. Woo Hoo! How does it get any better than this? What else is possible??"      --L.M.

"I cannot say enough about my wonderful experience with Robin at Sunshine Healing Arts. When I began acupuncture treatments, I had been suffering from depression and anxiety for a number of years. After the very first visit, I was feeling better and after a few more, people in my life were noticing the difference. My attitude has changed, my anxiety has lessened, and I even sleep better. I am no longer on any traditional prescription medications. It is amazing and I am so happy with these results.In the time I've been getting acupuncture treatments from Robin for the depression and anxiety, I have also been treated for other aches and pains that have occurred. She has helped with muscle pain, sinus infections, the common cold, and has boosted my overall immune system. I've tried both acupuncture and the herbal remedies and highly recommend the combination of both. Last winter I was the only one in my house to avoid getting sick and I fully credit Robin for that! She's amazing!"      -- A.H.

"The best decision I have ever made regarding my health! Thank you Dr. Robin for bringing my life back!"  --S.A.

"Dr. Robin is awesome! My treatments have been helping me sleep better, I'm dreaming again...that has happened in years! Highly recommend!" --K.C.

"I had been getting terrible headaches for months following deployment, and I have tried every medicine under the sun to help get control of them. The only healing and relief I have found is through my acupuncture regimen with Robin. If you have never tried acupuncture, start here. The atmosphere is very inviting and Robin will tailor a specific healing plan for your needs. Robin is very understanding and helpful." –T.R.

"I heard about acupuncture when it was recommended to me by my daughter, and I decided to try it and went to see Robin. I had recently retired from a job that was physically demanding but emotionally satisfying. I found retirement a challenge because my work environment was a big part of my life. Acupuncture treatments from Robin are very relaxing for me, and they have been very helpful in my adaptation to this change in my life. I also found it relieved symptoms of my arthritis." -- M.S.

"Thank you so much for giving me my life back! Robin is truly a caring and awesome doctor. I no longer suffer from chronic headaches and back pain thanks to acupuncture." --A.E.

"After 2 very complicated pregnancies due to incompetent cervix & preterm labor; our 3rd pregnancy has been awesome! Our acupuncture sessions with Robin have made such a difference. This pregnancy I have been full of energy, hardly any nausea, and minimal bed rest, which were all complications with my first 2 pregnancies. Thank you for taking such good care of us!!!" --V.E.

"I had been suffering with severe migraine headaches on a daily basis before coming to see Robin. As a result of acupuncture sessions with her, I might have 1 very mild headache per month now which goes away on its own. I was very skeptical about acupuncture when I started treatment, but now I am a believer and would recommend acupuncture to anyone that has migraine headaches." --N.S.

"I had severe osteoarthritis in my left knee, bone rubbing on bone with severe pain for years. I first started receiving acupuncture and herbal medicine from Robin Douglas at Sunshine Healing Arts about a year ago with so much knee pain I could barely walk. After a couple months of treatment, the pain was nearly gone, however not the damage. My knee specialist recommended arthroscopic surgery, to which I agreed. My meniscus was so badly macerated and torn that my surgeon told me that I really needed a total knee replacement, and that he removed a palm full of bone shavings and fragments from my knee. I am amazed that even with all this damage, the knee pain was gone with the acupuncture and herbs! I continued working with Robin after my surgery to get things healed as quickly as possible. In my most recent x-ray, about 4 months after the surgery, I was excited to see for myself that the X-rays showed a visible improvement in the meniscus not only the left knee, but the right knee as well! Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine played a key role in helping to heal actually both of my knees. Robin is very good at this art. Her technique makes the procedure essentially painless. Her ability to find both local and distal acupuncture points combined with her knowledge of herb combinations help the two to work synergistically. I even had her treat a mild case of tennis elbow with good results after only 2 treatments. I highly recommend seeing Robin if you are suffering with osteoarthritis or similar pain that is difficult to treat."    --L.V.

"I have suffered from severe sinusitis for a number of years. When I would have a flare up, it meant trips to the ear, nose & throat doctor and steroids and/or antibiotics in addition to over the counter sinus medications, which never really helped anyway; my sinusitis just kept coming back. I began acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment at Sunshine Healing Arts with Robin after hearing a news story about how they can help with allergies and sinus issues. She has truly helped me get control of this chronic sinus condition. This is something I definitely plan to keep up with, because finally I can breathe, I no longer have sinus pressure headaches, and I can stay asleep at night no that my nose no longer gets stopped up. Acupuncture and Herbs have helped me not only avoid sinus surgery, which was last recommended by the ENT, but I am no longer putting chemicals into my body from the pharmaceutical medications, and I am avoiding all the long term side effects of these medications. I have also enjoyed learning about acupuncture in my treatments with Robin."  --A.F.

‘’I was skeptical at first, but when I became very ill with a high fever, I immediately called Robin to inquire about what acupuncture could do to help, because I had no time in my life for a severe winter sickness. After just one 15 minute treatment and a Chinese herbal formula made especially for my specific symptoms, I was like brand new. I had also suffered from very painful lower back pains for a period of three months this past year. At first I went to a doctor who issued me pain medicines that helped with the pain but made me feel tired, very sick and unable to focus, so I quit taking the medication. The pain became so unbearable that I had to lie in the floor at work with my laptop just to conduct daily business. I knew it was time to call Robin and receive more acupuncture treatments. After my first treatment I could already feel relief from the pain. A few follow-up treatments and I was actively attending the gym and able to get back to my busy lifestyle focused and awake.” -- A.D.

"My life has changed since I was began being treated with Oriental Medicine. I feel much more stable and strong. I came to see Robin with many symptoms, including heartburn, acid reflux, headaches, and a bad temper as a result of stress that I couldn't seem to get control of. After receiving acupuncture and herbs from Robin, I am now able to relax and my symptoms have vanished, and this stress is no longer damaging my whole body. I am still receiving treatment for my asthma and allergies. Thank you Robin for all your help." -- M.A.

"About two years ago I fell down a flight of stairs and hurt my tail bone, causing my spinal cord to be out of alignment. Doctors sent me to massage therapy and physical therapy. I also had injections in my back to make the pain go away, but nothing seemed to work. As time went on, the pains kept getting worse to the point where I couldn’t stand up or sit for more than 5 minutes at a time. Climbing steps became a problem to the point where I had to crawl. I finally took matters into my own hands and went to a back specialist to see what was going on. They advised me that I have scoliosis of the spine and degeneration of my L4 and L5 discs, which was causing the pain. I did research on pain relief and lot of people in my situation had success with acupuncture. So I scheduled an appointment to see Robin. After just one treatment the pain level went from 9 out of 10 to a 5 of 10. After the second treatment my pain was gone. Being able to do my daily activities with no pain and being able to sleep at night is beyond amazing to me. There are no words to describe how thankful I am to be in no more pain." -- C.S.

"I initially sought out Robin’s help because of my persistent shoulder pain and immobility issues. Thanks to her thorough consultation, herbal remedies and effective treatments I have gained more than I even knew was possible with acupuncture therapy! Problems like constipation, acid reflux and most of all stress reduction were issues that had plagued me for years..." -- T.F.

"I went to see Robin and received acupuncture to maintain a smoke free life and help keep me balanced during a chaotic time in my life. With Robin’s help using acupuncture and herbal medicine I was able to stay smoke free, keep my emotions in check, and avoid another round of psychotherapy. I find the whole process to be affirming, focusing, and meditative. Mostly, these treatments gave me a safe space and a place to focus on me and my health." -- G.S.

"After feeling what I can only describe as "off" for a few months, I considered acupuncture to get me back to my normal self. In my initial appointment with Robin, I found I was immediately comfortable with her. Robin is knowledgeable and reassuring. She approached my symptoms pragmatically, explaining to me every step of the way how each part of the treatment she administered would address those symptoms. Through a mix of acupuncture and herbs, Robin has provided outstanding treatment! I have been in treatment with Robin for three months and am happy to report my symptoms have subsided. I will continue to work with Robin to maintain my health in the future." -- C.M.



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