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How can Chinese Medicine Help My Diabetes?

How can Chinese Medicine Help My Diabetes?

How can Chinese Medicine Help My Diabetes?, Sunshine Healing Arts Acupuncture & Wellness in Atlantic Beach, Florida

Chinese medicine has long recognized, understood, and managed diabetes mellitus. For thousands of years its methods have been widely used and practiced, spreading to surrounding countries, in recent years around the world. Chinese medicine is best characterized by its natural philosophy of healing the body which serves to guide all of its treatments. This philosophy understands the complex workings of the natural world and uses these principles to adjust the imbalances that are the source of disease. It is far more than a traditional or folk healing practice. It aims to improve the body’s overall function, slow the progress of disease prevents complications, improves the quality of life and prolong the life span.

Acupuncture and moxibustion are being used more and more to help diabetes patient’s manage their disease, avoid side-effects from pharmaceuticals, and deal with complications. These techniques are popular with patients because they are absolutely safe when properly administered by a trained acupuncturist.

How does it work?

Acupuncture has been described for thousands of years as working on a complex system of channels, called the jinglu. These channels supply the entire body with Qi and blood, fiving substance to the muscles and organs, and providing energy for their function.

What will my treatment be like?

After collecting detailed information, our  practitioner will identify the pattern of disharmony and select an optimal treatment protocol according to theories of Chinese Medicine.  Then, the patient is usually left to relax for about 20-40 minutes.

When the treatment is over, you will probably feel relaxed and energized. Some of your symptoms may disappear instantly. You may sleep better, have a more regulated appetite, feel less pain or experience less anxiety.

It is advised to be in the best condition possible when you have your acupuncture treatment. Don’t come for you acupuncture treatment when you are very hungry or just after a big meal, and try to be rested. Get the most out of your treatment by being extra careful of your general health the day before and after treatment. Help Chinese medicine help you!


Over the past 50 years, thousands of clinical trials and research projects have been performed on the effect of acupuncture on different disease. Here we have summarized the results of some of the studies performed on patients with diabetes to show that not only are the results of Chinese medicine noticeable to the patient, but can be recorded by modern scientific techniques as well.

A study divided 80 diabetes patents randomly into an acupuncture group, an exercise group, and a control group treated with dietary advice and pharmaceuticals. The results showed that acupuncture and proper exercise can significantly decrease blood sugar and improve lipid metabolism.

A study of 65 patients with type II diabetes showed that acupuncture along with dietary restrictions over 30 days lowered their blood sugar by an average of 1.97 mmol/L (35.46 mg/ dl) over a control group that received only a placebo (combined vitamins).

In a study where 72 cases of diabetic gastroparesis were randomly divided into a treatment group and a control group, the treatment group had acupuncture done twice a day for 10 days. The control group got Motilium 10mg, 3 times each day, 30min before meals. The total effective rate (symptom relief index more than 20%) was 91.7% in the acupuncture group and only 77.8 % in the control group.

Chinese medicine can offer a transformational experience for those who suffer from diabetes or any other disease. It is more than decreasing your blood sugar level. It is about recovering your ability to heal; relieving discomforts which may not go away even if your sugar levels are normal; improving your quality of life, maximizing your sense of well-being, eliminating or delaying complications, and achieving a longer and happier life.


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