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Your skin is an investment, not an expense.

Jet Plasma 

Jet Plasma is the most advanced Plasma technology used to brighten and tighten skin,
shrink pores and promote high levels of collagen regeneration. The Jet Plasma device was
designed with Jet (J Plasma) and Cold Plasma for best results using a strong, cool atmospheric plasma temperature on the surface of the skin.

Jet Plasma is used for non-surgical facial and body treatments which include tightening,
acne treatment, anti-inflammation, skin lightening, melasma, hyperpigmentation, scarring,
stretch marks, hair regrowth, eczema, psoriasis and keratosis pilaris.

What Can Jet Plasma treat?

  • Acne
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Ageing and damaged skin
  • Laxity
  • Collagen remodeling
  • Diminishing Wrinkles
  • Hair regrowth/restoration

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Jet Plasma has an anti-pigmentation effect on the skin by suppressing melanin production. Melanin is the pigment in your skin that gives us our color and can form dark patches (hyperpigmentation) or dark marks from acne. Along with suppressing melanin, the Plasma used within this treatment increases the absorption, and therefore overall effect of the lightening products that we use after this treatment will help clients that have hyperpigmentation.

Jet Plasma is extremely effective for treating acne. The plasma technology destroys the P. acnes bacteria as it sterilizes the skin, and has an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces sebum (oil) production by 25%! Great option for teenagers!

Jet Plasma increases collagen production and cellular regeneration making it an incredible noninvasive skin tightening treatment. Studies have shown a 14.8% increase in skin density
after a single treatment! J Plasma is an advanced plasma treatment that is an extremely fast
procedure with no recovery time!

Jet Plasma is able to prevent cell necrosis (cell death.) Autolysis is the destruction of cells by their own enzymes, especially those released by lysosomes. What does this mean?
By using Jet Plasma technology, we are able to prevent cell death from occurring which can therefore reverse and prevent ageing of the skin to certain degree.

Jet Plasma stimulates the dermal papilla, or stem cells in terminal hair follicles, to
promote growth. Jet Plasma causes micro-channels in the scalp, which trigger the body's natural defences to promote the healing process. This prompts the release of hormones called growth factors, which stimulate new blood vessels to grow in the area. These blood
vessels carry more nutrients and oxygen, and contribute to new hair development which will help reverse hair loss. We have seen dramatic improvement with male and female pattern hair loss, and hair loss related to Covid with Jet Plasma. Jet Plasma will stimulate hair regrowth on its own, but we also apply a hair serum immediately after to enhance results.

After a Jet treatment/session, the skin channels are open so it's extremely beneficial
to use products that will further improve the skin as they will penetrate deep below the
epidermis which otherwise would not be possible without needle injection.

What is Plasma?

Plasma is a gas and our 4th state of matter. Our Jet Profosma Pen contains 3 different plasma gases, plus microcurrent.

  • Cold Atmospheric Plasma 
  • J Plasma (aka Jet) helium converted to plasma gas. 
  • Ozone plasma (Oxide oxygen mixed with J Plasma creates ozone plasma.)
  • Our Jet Device also has low level microcurrent, which also tightens muscle.

Plasma is easily influenced by electromagnetic fields in a way that neutral gases are not. J-Plasma uses helium gas passed across an energized electrode. This creates a focused stream of low-current cold plasma which can be used to tighten skin. There is no surface trauma, so no "down time" for healing, as with older fibroblast plasma devices. By combining 3 plasma technologies, plasma ionization creates a dense form of plasma making it more effective vs other cold plasma devices that are just short bursts of cold plasma alone and do NOT provide long term benefits or results comparable to Jet Plasma.

This extremely powerful device penetrates 14,000 volts of plasma through the epidermis, into the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin stimulating high levels of collagen and remodeling the cellular structure from the inside out. (Plastic surgeons use J Plasma at 17-18,000 volts.)

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